ABOUT YogaFitTribe


Be a Member of the Tribe and JOIN our TRIBE CONNECT community of people who want to be fit and well just like you. Post pictures, comment and get inspired by a global network of members who want to be a part of a support system that will inspire you to feel great and move more. TRIBE CONNECT is growing more every day. Become a Member of the Tribe and get your first month’s subscription free.


Being a Member of the Tribe gives you access to a certified yoga teacher 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Do movements that match your ability and body type. Easy access and BOOK A SESSION on a day and time that’s convenient for you. No more zoom classes that don’t match your schedule.  Meet with your certified yoga teacher any time, day or night, to plan and do yoga as a means of exercise. Speak with your teacher about areas you want to work on. Begin to be more fit, so you can enjoy the things you use to once do. Do more things, see more places


Once you become a Member of the Tribe, start to develop a trusted relationship with our YogaFitTribe teachers. Work on you yoga exercises and get better with each session. As you participate in the TRIBE CONNECT community, you will continue to get the support and inspiration from other Tribe Members and the YogaFitTribe team. We are here to see you succeed. Have a positive outlook on life. Be the best you possible.  Keep working on your personal plan using yoga as exercise. Get the power to do more of what you love to do everyday.

Liz Kemp Yoga & Fitness is now YogaFitTribe!

We are on a mission to teach, motivate and inspire you through personal interaction,  using the latest integrated technology.

No bike needed, just Wi-Fi and a screen of choice.

YogaFitTribe offers custom yoga as exercise plans for managing your pain and overall wellness.  Tell us what you need, and we will put together your FIT AND READY PLAN that includes, yoga combined with body weight resistance exercises.

On-demand videos are available in English and Spanish, for beginners and advanced levels. Thrive with the tribe community and get support with your wellness. Connect with people just like you who want to do more and feel better.